Back on the Web

July 12, 2015

I’ve had a lot of websites over the years. The first one went live when I was eleven years old, and was admittedly much more about style than substance. That one was on Angelfire, the next on Tripod, then a Xanga, then self-hosted MovableType and WordPress. You can probably find them all of them archived somewhere if you try, but I won’t disturb their slumber by linking to them here.

I didn’t have much to say back then, but I sure went to great lengths to say it anyway. I have more to say now, but much more trouble finding the time to write it down. I racked up a grand total of nine posts over seven years on my most recent blog with decreasing frequency. The more things I’m working on, the less often blogging bubbles up to the top of my list.

I’d like to change that. There’s a backlog of stuff I’d like to write about, and I’m hoping that I can overcome the inertia that has foiled me in the past by keeping posts short and specific.

Here goes.