Hi there! I’m Bobby Holley, a.k.a. :bholley. I’m many things to many people, but you’re probably interested in the part of me that builds software and fights for the Open Web.

Head Shot

I started hacking on Mozilla code in 2008, and have been working on it ever since (not so long really, but an eternity in Internet-years). I know a lot about the Web Platform and care deeply about its future. My domains of expertise include security, the DOM, JS engine internals, multimedia playback, concurrency, and large-scale platform architecture. I like tackling hard problems, especially when things are on fire and impossibly broken. I like forging order out of chaos, and building things that last.

I made this site from scratch (suggestions welcome). I used Jekyll for the static blogging bits, and a comment system seemed like overkill. Tweet @bhology or email to get in touch.